Top 10 Handy Cleaning Tips for your Yorke Peninsula Holiday

Top 10 Handy Cleaning Tips for your Yorke Peninsula Holiday

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Try these Handy Cleaning Tips

1. Rubbing Alcohol

Should your wiper blades smear water rather than removing it, take a clean cloth with some rubbing alcohol and gently run it against the rubber that makes contact with the windshield. It will get your wipers back to normal.

2. Toothbrush

Use an old toothbrush for detail cleaning. It can reach into all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle and can be used wet with soap or dry to bring up dirt and dust.

3. Spray Bottle & Squeegee

Use a spray bottle and squeegee to remove stubborn pet hair on your cloth seats. Start by lightly spraying water on your seats and drag the squeegee across them to gather pet hair at the base of the seat.

4. Cupcake Liner

Try using a silicone cupcake liner in your cup holders, it will protect against unwanted dust, debris and liquids.

5. WD-40

Remove any old bumper stickers by lightly spraying them with WD-40.

6. Toothpaste

Driving around our country roads can lead to dirty headlights. When your headlights are dirty, try some toothpaste on a microfiber cloth to buff them clean and rinse thoroughly with water. They will be crystal clear and increase your visibility.

7. Compressed Air

Use compressed air to blast dust and debris from your air vents and use a foam arts and crafts sponge to remove anything that’s still stuck inside.

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8. Plastic Bags

Travel with plastic bags for any trash, wet clothes or dirty shoes. Keep them stashed in an empty tissue box.

9. Plastic Shower Caddy

Use a plastic shower caddy to organise items you want to travel with like toiletries, cosmetics, or a roadside emergency kit. Keep everything together in the trunk or between seats.

10. Remote Control Caddy

Use a remote control caddy, typically used on a bed or reclining armchair, in the car. This will help keep tissues and other travel items off the floor.

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